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Small & Medium Business Support


Florida Technology Partners (FTP) is the perfect outsourced IT solution for your small (one employee) to medium (30+)-sized business!

FTP will provide you with network administration, desktop support, teach you how to do proper backups or manage them for you, and ensure your wireless/wired connectivity. We’ll work to integrate all mobile device with your system, as well as ensuring remote access is configured for your remote office needs. Additionally we provide server or storage solutions and installation, as well as an audit of your server room conditions with vulnerability assessments and general best practice analysis.

Home & Home Office Support


Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the absolute best IT support available! FTP provides repair for both desktop and laptops, and general support for PC.

We’ll cover your file backups, mobile device configuration, optimize your wired and wireless networks, and provide you with server or storage solutions and installation. We’ll also audit of your server room conditions with vulnerability assessments and general best practice analysis to ensure your life’s work isn’t collecting dust at the bottom of your closet.

Cloud Consulting


It’s the latest craze in computing, living in “the cloud” … the process of using web-based software to work on and share your files via the Internet, instead of having them stored on a local device that’s susceptible to hardware failures or viruses. But does it make sense for your business?

Let FTP’s experts provide you with a full evaluation and recommendation to help you discern between hype and functionality for your unique business needs.

Disaster Recovery


Have you ever heard the old adage “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst?” No one takes this to heart more than FTP. We know important it is to not just have your tech up and running on a daily basis, but to have a plan B, C, D and E to keep it safe.

FTP will provide you with a full consultation and disaster avoidance plan, taking into account both physical and digital threats. We’ll evaluate how your hardware should prepare for the threat of flood, lightning, fire, hurricane, and good old breaking and entering. Additionally, we’ll audit of your network with vulnerability assessments and general best practice analysis, help you avoid a cyber attack, and make sure your firewall is properly managed.

Losing your data could potentially destroy your business. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Additional IT Services

• Exchange E-mail Hosting
• Online Backup & Recovery
• Virus/Malware Removal
• Router. VPN & Wireless Network Setup

• Hijacked/Ransomeware Recovery
• Desktop And Laptop Repairs, Any Make & Model
• Solidstate Hard Drive Installation & Configuration
• Server Installation & Data Migration


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